Computers have transformed the way we work, study and play—and this is particularly true in the chess world: computers are indispensable training tools for any serious chess player. Computers—and even smart phones—are perfect tools for 21st century chess players because such devices have staggering computational power and provide instantaneous access to chess knowledge via the internet.

Players who grew up with high powered computers and ubiquitous internet access have found it easy to incorporate modern technology into their chess preparation, while older chess players have been forced to adapt in order to keep up with the young guns.

The great Garry Kasparov was an early adopter of computer technology and this is one reason that he dominated chess for two decades. Kasparov’s research and preparation enabled him to essentially win many games before he even sat down at the chess board. Eventually, computer preparation became standard at the Grandmaster level and now it is common even among club players.

SmartChess! is the next step in the chess information revolution, enabling players to easily access classic games, powerful tactics and other chess knowledge via iPhone, iPad or iPod (a comparable version will eventually be released in Windows and Mac platforms). Touchscreen technology greatly simplifies the learning process—instead of lugging around books and/or a laptop computer, a SmartChess! user can simply tap his finger to instantly bring forth any game, tactic, variation or position he wants to examine.

SmartChess! transforms your learning experience by subtly altering the way that chess information has traditionally been imparted; many books simply present a chess tactic out of the context of the stem game but SmartChess! allows you to replay the moves leading to every critical position. Rudolf Spielmann once said, “I can see the combinations as well as Alekhine, but I cannot get into the same positions”—the point being that seeing a tactic is one skill but building a good position is a different skill, something that is as true at the club level as it is at the Grandmaster level occupied by Alexander Alekhine and Spielmann. SmartChess! users can channel their inner Spielmann by solving tactics but they can also channel their inner Alekhine by seeing how one sets up a deadly tactic. SmartChess! has a feature that highlights critical motifs and informs the user of other lessons containing similar motifs (those lessons may be in the user’s library or else are available for download from the built-in bookstore). SmartChess! lets you step through every nested variation and fantasy line with a screen tap; you no longer have to use multiple chess boards and flip pages back and forth in order to play through a complex game that contains many variations.

Space limitations are not an issue in SmartChess! Our openings series will include hundreds of complete games so that the user can examine thematic middlegame play instead of just memorizing opening moves. We are seeking licensing agreements with mainstream publishers to release their popular titles in our SmartChess! format; just like film buffs enjoy both going to the theater and watching a director’s cut, there is a place in the market for both traditional chess books and chess books presented in the SmartChess! format.

SmartChess! game collections are grouped by players, events and opening themes: the round by round action from Zurich 1953, Kasparov’s White games versus the Sicilian Defense and many other interesting categories.

We also offer Puzzle Packs drawn mainly from games played since 2010. Many puzzle books recycle the same examples but our selections enable you to study and solve fresh tactics from new games. We are releasing a monthly Puzzle Pack using positions from games played in the prior month. There will not be any duplicates in our Puzzle Packs.

SmartChess! will change the way chess knowledge is delivered, acquired and consumed.