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SmartChess Publisher

Click here to launch our publishing tool. Programming knowledge is NOT required. You need Notepad++, which is free. Email to request a help manual or tutorial and examples.

Coaches, Parents and aspiring Authors
Use our publishing tool to create customized lessons, puzzles and exercises in enhanced interactive format then harness SmartChess! as a platform for distribution, acquisition and consumption of chess knowledge.

Make your lessons accessible to your students for study—anytime and anywhere—on tablets or smartphones. Distribute or sell your work through email or on your website.

How To Read SmartChess! Books

  • Play Move or Display Text
    Tap the Right Arrow to execute an action: either to play move or to display text.
  • Undo Action
    Tap the Left Arrow to undo a move or an action.
  • Investigate What-If Moves
    Check out alternatives not mentioned by the author by tapping or dragging the pieces on the board like you normally do when playing. When you are finished exploring other moves, simply tap the Left Arrow to continue reading.
  • Play Variations
    Tap the enabled link labeled Variation to play through variations.
  • Skip Variations
    If you wish to skip variations especially the short ones, just ignore the enabled link and tap the Right Arrow to execute the next action.
  • Navigate Chapters
    First, tap the Table of Contents icon located top right corner to display chapter titles. Next, tap the chapter title you wish to read. Of course, you can go back and forth between chapters.
  • Access Specific Pages or Skip Pages
    Tap the page number to launch the Page Scrubber. Slide or drag the point of the scrub line—corresponding chapter title is displayed above the page number—to the desired page number then let go. Tap the page number again to hide the scrub line.
  • Change Font Size
    Tap the Font icon until you find the size that suits your reading preference. If you want to avoid scrolling, select the small size. The medium size is best on tablets.
  • Change Font Type and Font Color
    Change the font type and color in Book Settings using the Gear icon on the Home screen. The background is determined by the Font Color setting.
  • Enjoy!


  • Vienna 1922 (Evans) new!
  • My System (Nimzowitsch) new!
  • Sacking the Citadel (Edwards) new!
  • Lasker's Manual of Chess new!
  • Common Sense in Chess (Lasker) updated
  • Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual Chapter 1
  • Dvoretsky's Ending Manual Chapter 1
  • Tal-Botvinnik 1960 (Tal)
  • Modern Ideas in Chess (Réti)
  • Chess Fundamentals (Capablanca) updated
  • Kramnik-Kasparov London 2000 (Müller)
  • Let's Play Chess (Pandolfini)
  • Bird Variation: Ruy Lopez (Mackenzie) updated

Chess Evolution

  • Volume A (Sep 2011)
  • Volume C (Sep 2011)

ChessPub Opening Updates

  • Open Sicilians 01-2012 (Palliser)
  • Nimzo & Benoni 01-2012 (Emms)
  • d-Pawn Specials 12-2011 (Prié)
  • d-Pawn Specials 09-2011 (London System 2.Bf4 c5) with GM Eric Prié
  • Open Sicilians 08-2011 with IM Richard Palliser
  • Nimzo & Benoni 09-2011 with GM John Emms
  • King's Indian 09-2011 with IM David Vigorito
  • 1 e4 e5 09-2011 with GM Victor Mikhalevski

ChessVibes Openings

  • CVO September 2012 (5 issues)
  • CVO March 2012 (4 issues)
  • CVO 154-178

ChessVibes Training

  • CVT September 2012 (5 issues)
  • CVT March 2012 (4 issues)
  • CVT 37-53